How To Home Practice

"Program Plus" refers to finding creative ways to practice at home or anywhere else you can. This supplement to THE GREAT BASE course is designed to give players ideas and insights into practicing away, before and after you get to the court.

Three Rules to be good at anything:

  1. Do what you don't want to do
  2. One Time Rule
  3. Be different

To be extraordinary you have to do the ordinary an extraordinary amount of time.

Do NOT be a member of the Million Time Club - they have to be told a million times to do something. Avoid this Club!

Do it the first time! Follow the One Time Rule - Be told One Time and do it a million times

  • Join the 10 - 10 - 10 Club! Do the 42 second drill 10 minutes a day - 10 months a year - for 10 years
  • Click here for a list of things to do you can print out.
  • Click here for a weekly chart you can fill out
  • Video of practice routines at home by Steve Smith
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Parents, all children will at some point complain or not feel like training at home. Or you have to ask them to do it and they give you a hard time about it. If this happens please let me know. Together we can help them to remind themselves of THEIR goal to play high level tennis, or college tennis. And that it is their goal and not ours. And if it is their goal they might need a reminder of one of these 'Mind Vitamins' below. To get a child to College level athletics takes all three: Player, Coach and Parents working together and an attitude of the household that "we will do this together" because you are going to have to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where you want to get.

  • Rule number one. Do what you don't want to do.
  • Rule number two: One Time rule. Be told one time and do it a million times. Not, be told a million times to do something.
  • Rule number three: Be different: If you want better than normal results don't do what is normal.
  • Don't be average. Average is either the best of the worst or the worst of the best
  • If you don't have access to a backboard. You won't be any good. Find a wall!
  • If changes don't feel uncomfortable you are not making any changes.
  • Change requires commitment.
  • Your serve may not be bigger but your work ethic can be.
  • Brain memory. Skill is in the brain. To be great, you need to get the reps in. You won't be great any time soon. Join the 10-10-10 club at a minimum.
  • Practice is not designed for your pleasure. But for your improvement.
  • Chase perfection. Catch excellence.
  • When do people change. When it becomes important to them. Or when it is too late.
  • Are you bored with your routine? Boredom is to insult one's own intelligence.
  • You are 6 inches from being great. The distance between your ears.
  • Winners train, losers complain.
  • Are you a good player? Remember, good is the enemy of great.
  • Winners are never satisfied and losers are easily gratified.
  • How will you get better? Basics. If your basics are correct everything else will come together. Get the basics down before anything else.
  • In order to get good, you'll have to push yourself hard. In order to be great, you'll have to push yourself harder than anyone else. If someone who beats you is practicing 4 hours a week, you will have to practice 6 hours a week.
  • Hitting more balls than anyone else will make you a true professional.

Choices.........for goal-oriented junior tennis players

1) ME stands for:Maximum Effort or My Excuses.Make a choice.

2) Two clubs:Do it a million times or be be told to do it a million times.Make a choice.

3) Two types of people:Survivor or victim.Make a choice.

4) Two types of characters:Tough or soft.Make a choice.

5) Two types of work-ethic.Hard working or lazy.Make a choice.

"The wrong choices for being successful are making excuses, being told the same thing over and over and placing blame on someone else. Topping the list for failure are being soft and lazy.

Success is a series of making the right choices. Put forth a maximum effort, put in a million reps and survive all set backs and adversity. Always be tough and, for sure, be the hardest worker."

Steve Smith, GreatBaseTENNIS