3F - 4F Registration Process

We are thrilled you decided to train with us!

All our registration is done online.

Once you decide on a start date Coach Schainblatt will help you figure out your amount for the current month if it's a partial month. You can call him at 919-817-8350. Future payments are then due on the first of each month starting the following full month.

There are three ways to pay:

  1. Our preferred method is you can pay with ZELLE on the first of each month. You can pay using this phone number (919) 817-8350 or this email greatbasecoach@gmail.com
  2. You can pay with Apple Pay via your Apple messages app. Text me at (919) 817-8350 and I will give you my Apple text number. Don't use (919) 817-8350 for Apple Pay.
  3. You can bring a check to the first class of each month.

Before your first class:

  1. Fill out this registration form before making your first payment.
  2. Fill out this Junior Profile Form
  3. If your child has experience please discuss with Coach Schainblatt about setting up a BASIC video analysis before your first class.