Garage for Technical Training

Garage Set Up for Technical Training

(please keep me posted of the teaching tools that you have in your house)

Essential for home practice:

  • Have a place to practice (preferably in front of a mirror as well as an open space like a drive way or garage)
  • Use an effort / reward chart on refrigerator (Use either the weekly or the monthly chart and send us a picture on a weekly basis of your work.)
  • Mirrors for shadow tennis
  • Cones for shadow swing benefit plus distance control and awareness
  • Three tennis balls in a sock for palm down service motion training
  • Eye Coach for developing eyes to stay at point of contact longer and balance, swing development and timing. (Use code SCHAINPRO for $20 off and FREE shipping, plus our school will get referral credit. Thank you!)
  • Metronome app (itunes/android) / Metronome Lesson plan for shadow swing practice with checkpoints
  • String from the ceiling (Hang a string from the ceiling with a piece of tape at the end at serve contact height)
  • Advantage Swing Champ 5 Ounce Tennis Swing Weight To develop acceleration and power on serves and groundstrokes, alternate between swinging with the weight and hitting balls. Increase resistance by moving the weight toward the tip of the racquet.
  • GreatBase Backboard (check with me to see if I have any used ones for sale) Allows you to hit 40 balls a minute and forces you to have a vertical swing for topspin development. 15 minutes on this equals 1 hour on the court. Excellent for daily use in backyard, driveway or garage, 5 minute set up. Garage use means training continues on rainy days when your competitors are taking the day off.

Recommended for home practice

  • Tennis Twist Ball machine (for use on tennis courts outside of class). Low power toss resembles a hand toss.
  • Adjustable Tilt Rebound Net (7x7 ft) the angle allows you to develop volleys the correct way where as a vertical wall makes you swing high to low. Great for Serve and volley practice
  • Arrow Tennis Training Aid, teaches palm and racquet head awareness
  • Angle Doctor - Tennis Shot Angle Corrector or Wrist Training Aid - both attach to racquet
  • Wrist Training Aid with clicking sound. Kinesthetic aid that uses auditory feedback to help players improve faster. Makes a "snapping" sound when the wrist is laid back and an "unsnapping" sound when the wrist returns to a neutral position.
  • Sweet Spot Trainer - most players hit OFF-CENTER most of the time this will help correct that, also great for adding weight to racquet but you can still hit balls
  • Light Portable Tennis Ball Hopper - holds 80 balls, light enough for juniors and has wheels
  • Tennis Balls - You can find cheaper but they won't be as durable and the bounce won't last as long
  • Dunlop Speed Balls - Not your usually foam balls, these are heavier and better fit our use

Send us pictures/video of yourself training at your home. If you use the links above to Amazon GBTS may receive a referral fee.