Pick one of two programs, not based on your skill level, but on your goal and commitment level:

  1. 3F - Skill Class is $35.00 an hour.
  • One 1-hour class a week - $140.00 a month
  • Two 1-hour classes a week - $280.00 a month
  • If you want to come more than 2-hours a week the cost is $35.00 each additional hour. Please feel free to come as much as you like. You may pay for these additional hours individually as you come

2. 4F - TIA Player Development Course (Tennis Intelligence Applied) Two to Five 2-hour classes a week that includes 3F- SKILL class and is also $35 an hour unless you pick one of these two options which can reduce your cost to $15 - $30 an hour:

  • 16 hour package - $480 a month - recommended for two 2-hour sessions a week, (averages out to $30 an hour) You may add additional hours at $30 an hour.
  • 24 hour package - $600 a month - recommended for three or more 2-hour sessions a week, (averages out to $25 an hour) You may add additional hours at no extra charge, *up to 40 hours a month when available - (5 days a week averages out to $15 an hour) This option allows you to come unlimited hours.

* we offer 4F - TIA and 3F - Skill Class sessions 3-days a week year-round. However during these months we offer sessions 5-days a week: January, February, May, June, July, October, November and December.

Note About Our Memberships:

  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find that after the first lesson you are not completely satisfied you may, within 3 business days, request a refund for that lesson or lessons if prepaid. I want you to be completely satisfied!
  • All programs are month-to-month, no refunds for current month in use since this is a pay as you go program
  • New Students may start at any time
  • Introductory Trial is available: $40 for a 1-hour 3F - Skill class intro, or $80.00 for a 2-hour 4F - TIA Intro.

We also offer private lessons.