High School Tennis Players

If you are looking for a short term, "crash course" to get ready for your High School tennis season you can come train with us and we will prepare you for your up and coming season:

  • Improve your consistency, accuracy and power
  • winning tactics
  • get in shape
  • singles and doubles
  • improve your confidence for try-outs and your season


  • 4 hours a week, 16 hours a month - $480 ($30 per hour)
  • if you can't make 16 hours a month we can design a program for you at $35 per hour

Class times: Any class time on current schedule

Q). What is the difference between the High School Group and the other options you offer?

A) The High School Group is for those who have limited time before try-outs. If your goal is more short term or seasonal and does not go beyond competitive high school or recreational play then the High School Group is a perfect blend of tips and principles to improve your ball striking but with a heavier emphasis on getting you ready to win more matches with players your level.

Because there is limited time before your season starts our emphasis in the High School Group is on preparing you to win more matches not on retooling your strokes. If you want to spend more time on improving your strokes that would be done off-season in the 3F or 4F classes.